PainGone Pen Reviews

PainGone Pens are tried and tested as a natural drug-free therapy with reviews from a variety of media sources and happy customers.

Media Reviews

Article: DIY Device to Reduce Pain

BBC News

Dora Marshall was so crippled with arthritic pain in her arms and legs she would lie crying in bed at night unable to move. Mrs Marshall, 97, from Bradford, has suffered from arthritis for more than 10 years. She used to take pain killers daily to ease the pain, but last summer her painkillers seemed to lose their effect. She said: ‘I was in agony. I could hardly move. It would take me hours to get in and out of bed the pain was so bad. When I did get into bed, I would just lie there awake unable to move or turnover on my side the arthritis was so painful. I love playing the piano, but last June my fingers were so crippled with arthritis I couldn’t move them to play. I was devastated.’ But when Mrs Marshall’s doctor gave her a new hand-held device to try, called PainGone – the size and shape of a pen – her pain was relieved instantly.

Oona Mashta – BBC News

Article: ‘Write’ here to Ease your Pain

The Daily Telegraph Logo

Dear Doctor – I have fibromyalgia, with tender, painful muscles. I’ve been referred to a pain clinic, but wonder if you have anything to suggest? Fibromyalgia is a painful condition with localised areas of tenderness known as trigger points, which may form fibrous nodules. A number of complementary options can help, including acupuncture, osteopathy, chiropractic and magnetic therapy. A device that reduces pain using a similar approach to TENs (transcutaneous electro nerve stimulation) has now been developed. Known as the PainGone Pen, it is placed over a painful trigger point and a button is depressed to release a controlled electronic current that helps to block the transmission of pain signals. A pain clinic in Sheffield used the device on 50 people with chronic myofascial pain associated with trigger points in the lower back or large joints. The study found that using the pen four times a day for two weeks significantly reduced pain and increased mobility. It can also be used to reduce pain in other conditions.

The Daily Telegraph

Article: Zap Away your Pain

Bella Magazine Logo

Drug free relief of aches and pains and faster healing is promised by two new DIY gadgets. One is a large pen like device and the other a stick on patch, and both use mild electrical currents to take effect. The PainGone Pen from Tower Health has already been tested at The Royal Gwent Hospital, Newport, on 35 patients with chronic muscle and joint pains. The device was loaned to patients to try out at home for two weeks. Patients used it to ‘zap’ the point of their pain, which induced a momentary tingling. While it didn’t help everyone, about 60% gave it the thumb-up. They found it eased some of their pain, improved their mobility and / or reduced their need for painkillers. Anaesthetist Dr Tzvetanka Invanova-Stoilova, who conducted the trial, says: ‘Patients found it easy to use and convenient for pain relief. Especially as it can easily be carried and used on long journeys’.

Bella Magazine

Article: My Pen Pal Kills Pain

Tanya Wilson suffered agony with her newly-diagnosed rheumatoid arthritis. – A life long friend… discovered PainGone… Until May last year there had been no indication that the pain I had been suffering in my shoulder for about four months would lead to the devastating diagnosis that it did. Since then I have had constant, wearying pain in my hands, wrists, feet and bouts of knee, hip and shoulder pain that make ordinary day-today living a real grind… So I started using my PainGone Pen with caution and not much optimism. The results so far? Excellent. For me it works and it seems that I’m not unusual. The manufacturers of PainGone boast that 76% of patient experienced relief from pain after three to five days. It is portable, light and small enough to slip into a handbag or pocket and therefore is easier to carry around than bottles of pain-killers.

Your Health Magazine

Customer Reviews

PainGone CustomerSince starting using the PainGone I have noticed a marked improvement in my hip pain, so much so I have been able to reduce the amount of pain killing medication that I have been taking. I would like to thank you for introducing me to PainGone which has certainly improved my quality of life.

Mrs R Whenman – Norfolk, UK

PainGone CustomerI recently received my PainGone from Tower Health and I am amazed. I suffer with Spondilitis in the neck and after taking 8 tablets a day now I take none. My wife used it once for lumbago and in 3 weeks the pain has never returned.

Mr K Statters – Manchester, UK

PainGone CustomerI put it in my handbag wherever I go, I even keep it by my bed at night so if the pain wakes me up at night I use my PainGone. I was so impressed that I even tried it on my daughter for her pain and her pain was gone too, she was surprised too. I now don’t do anywhere without my PainGone, it is with me at all times.

Mrs J Okines – Herts, UK

PainGone CustomerSince using the PainGone the muscle spasms in my back and legs have responded wonderfully and it is such a relief to be mobile and have pain control just a few clicks away.

Ann Rainford – Lancs, UK