Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions for PainGone* products are answered below:

1. When can I use Pain®Gone*?

Pain®Gone* has been used by over 1 million people worldwide, with many people using it daily 3 or 4 times. Having spoken to many thousands of satisfied users over the years, our customer advisors find the most popular times people seem to use the PainGone* are first thing in the morning, around lunchtime and again last thing at night. However, if you want to use it more often it is perfectly fine as you cannot over use it.

2. What type of Therapy is Pain®Gone*?

The “Pain®Gone*” device is not to be confused with a TENS machine, it is a Piezo Electric Therapy stimulator powered by crystals inside the device that deliver a specific and controlled frequency straight to the point on which it is used when you click the red button 30 to 40 times.

3. Has PainGone* been tested and is it safe?

Yes, Pain®Gone* is a class IIa Medical Device and as such has been evaluated to ensure it is completely safe to use and has no side effects. If you are fitted with a heart pacemaker, suffer with epilepsy, are pregnant or are already taking medication such as steroids/warfarin, then we recommend you seek medical guidance before using Pain®Gone* It is not recommended to be used directly over metal implants and Pain®Gone* is not intended to replace current medication or diagnose, treat or cure any condition.

4. Is it easy to use?

Yes. There are no leads or pads or complicated settings involved. You simply place the Pain®Gone* on the point you wish to use it, and click away on the red button 30 to 40 times.

It is really easy to use on those normally hard to reach areas like the shoulder and lower back,
in fact wherever you want to use it you can, apart from around the eyes and forehead.

5. Do you have a UK low cost helpline?

Yes, you can call us anytime day or night, on our local rate number where our trained UK advisors are available to help whatever your question.

6. Is it guaranteed?

As well the Money Back Guarantee, Pain®Gone* carries a 1 year warranty against malfunction, in the unlikely event it develops a fault, simply return your Pain®Gone* and a replacement will be sent to you.