Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions for PainGone products are answered below:

How do I use PainGone?

PainGone from Tower Health is straightforward and easy to use, there are no leads or pads involved. Usage is simple:

How to hold PainGone

  • Hold PainGone in your hand
  • Firmly wrap index finger around the metal ring
  • Place tip of PainGone wherever it’s needed
  • PainGone is designed to work within a 15cm radius
  • Click the red push-button 30 to 40 times

For best results use PainGone on a regular and consistent basis. PainGone can also be used in conjunction with acupuncture points.

How often should I use PainGone?

You can use PainGone as often as you require. It’s 100% natural, drug-free therapy so you cannot overdose and there are no side effects.

How long does PainGone take to work?

PainGone can work almost immediately or within a few hours or days. Some people may need to use the device for up to 14 days to feel the full benefits.

Will it work for me?

PainGone’s unique form of TENS therapy is achieving an overwhelming success rate. Over 90% of sufferers who try PainGone keeping it permanently.

How do I know if my PainGone is working?

When you press the activating button, PainGone will make a “click” noise. As long as PainGone makes this “click” noise, you can be sure that the device is working.

How long will PainGone last?

PainGone typically provides around 100,000 clicks. If used several times daily it will provide around 2 years use.

If I don’t use PainGone, will it lose its charge?

No. PainGone retains its charge during periods of inactivity.

Is the PainGone guaranteed?

Yes. As well as a money back guarantee, PainGone carries a two year warranty against malfunction. In the unlikely event of a fault simply return your PainGone and a replacement will be sent to you.

Is there anyone who shouldn’t use PainGone?

PainGone From Tower Health is extremely safe to use, however the same contraindications as normal TENS equipment apply. If you are fitted with a pacemaker, suffer from epilepsy, are pregnant or taking steroids / warfarin then it is recommended you seek medical guidance before using the PainGone.

Can I use PainGone anywhere on the body?

PainGone can be directly over area required or on acupoints relevant to your specific condition. The pen should however not be used:

  • In and around the eyes
  • Over the heart
  • On the carotid sinus nerves, laryngeal or pharyngeal muscles in the front/side of the neck
  • On wet skin or damp surroundings
  • Directly over implanted metal parts