Clinically Tested

Our commitment to drug-free therapy is such that Pain Gone from Tower Health has undergone strict and rigorous clinical evaluation. Similar products should not be confused with Pain Gone as it is clinically tested and protected by patent. The clinical trials carried out on Pain Gone are specific to the PainGone and cannot be used as clinical proof of efficacy by similar products.

Whilst the majority of Pain Gone users have purchased one for themselves or had a friend or relative purchase one as a gift, there are a growing number of Hospitals and Pain Clinics around the world using the Pain Gone Pen. In fact the first NHS Hospital supplied with a Pain Gone pen was over 10 years ago and today there are still a small number of NHS Hospitals and Pain Clinics using the device.

Numerous clinical trials have been performed on the Pain Gone to prove just how effective it really is. One of the UK studies was performed on patients with chronic lower back and joint pain. Pain Gone was used on specific trigger points in the lower back and on large joints.

Expert Opinion

I was astonished by the results from using Pain Gone after suffering from a horse riding accident. I cannot recommend Pain Gone enough. It’s so easy to use… and… can make a real difference in your life.

Simon Dunstan – BDS, BMED SCI, BMBS, FDSRCS (Eng), FRCS (Eng) – Advisor for Tower Health,  NHS Practitioner and Founder of “Action For Pain Relief”

The use of Pain Gone resulted in significant reduction in pain, increase in mobility and reduction in daily analgesic consumption in the treatment of chronic Myofascial pain.

Charles Moore – Formally of the Northern General Hospital, Sheffield, UK

Pain Gone is so effective that in many cases it should surely be used as one of the first lines of relief as it may greatly reduce or even eliminate the need for analgesics and be a useful adjunct to other treatments. I can also personally vouch for its effectiveness in relieving neuropathic pain resulting from breast surgery.

Layinka M Swinburne – BSc MB ChB FRCP FRCPath CBiol MIBiol, Leeds, UK

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