Benefits of Drug-Free Therapy and Alternative Relief

If you suffer from chronic conditions such as arthritis, rheumatism, sciatica, osteoporosis, it is important for you to know about our clinically tested alternative to many traditional relief therapies.

There are many benefits of using the PainGone Pen over other forms of relief. The ease, speed and flexibility of the PainGone have made it the preferred drug-free therapy for millions of sufferers across the globe.

Use As Frequently As You Wish

Being a drug-free and totally safe alternative relief treatment means you can use PainGone as often as you like. Whenever you feel a twinge, ache or throb, PainGone is just a click away.

100% Natural Drug-Free Therapy

Many sufferers are worried about the risks associated with pain killers including side effects, dependency and overdose. For these pain sufferers the opportunity to ease their pain naturally with an alternative pain relief treatment is a very welcome.

Fast & Effective, Takes Just 30 Seconds

Our product is ready to use the moment you take it out the box, unlike other “TENS” based devices where you have to spend time attaching leads, electrodes and affixing the treatment pads.

Light & Portable

Both our PainGone and Mini PainGone from Tower Health are small in size which means they are portable. You can have an effective relief treatment with you at all times.

Use Over Clothing

A great advantage of the PainGone pen over traditional TENS machines is that it can be used over clothing. Unlike standard TENS devices there is no need to undress and no sticky gels or pads to apply. PainGone can be used directly on the skin or through clothing, meaning you can use this alternative relief treatment wherever you are, whenever you need it.

Standard TENS treatment PainGone
Must be used directly on the skin Can be used through light clothing. No need to undress
Prolonged treatment 30 second treatment
Bulky and cumbersome to carry Light and portable for treatment anywhere
Requires leads with self adhesive pads on the end which must be stuck on the skin Requires no leads or pads. Just place the device on the painful area
Difficult to find the optimum treatment spot using a set of large electrodes Easy to move over the skin to pinpoint the optimum spot for treatment
Attaching the electrodes and pads to the skin can be time consuming and delay treatment The PainGone requires no set up and can be used immediately even through clothing
Electrode pads must be moved around to avoid irritating the skin PainGone does not require pads or gel which can irritate the skin
Requires batteries, pads and sometimes maintenance No batteries or maintenance required